How do you choose a first wing?


Hey folks,

So, when it comes to deciding if you should go for an EN-A or EN-B paragliding wing, it's really a chat you need to have with your instructor. You know, get into your skill level, what you're aiming for, all that good stuff.

But picking the right company or brand for your first wing? That's a bit of a maze. How do you sift through all those reviews and ratings when you're not exactly a pro in the sport? And comparing wing prices can make your head spin.

Now, here's the thing - are there paragliding brands that totally outshine the rest? Because every instructor seems to be repping a specific brand, and you're left wondering if that brand is a smart investment for a beginner.

So, how do you avoid ending up with a wing that's, let's say, not the best quality?

And what about buying used gear? Is it a good move, especially for your first wing?

Lastly, is paragliding one of those sports where you just have to trust your instructor until you're savvy enough to pick your own gear? Let's hear your thoughts!

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@Ridzuan Zulkiffli do you have a Advance epsilon 28 for me please

64x64 Ridzuan Zulkiffli 41d • Edited

for me, ask local pilot. what is the best. don't ask a dealer or instructor (if they also selling wing). For me, i would say Advance is the best. Now i'm also a dealer for this brand, because it would be easier for me to buy for myself. So now you may think my suggestion a bit bias, because i'm a dealer.

Best if you can demo some different wings and see what you like. Buy well known brand and you shouldn't have problems. If you buy second hand, make sure it's freshly inspected. Your instructor should help you choose. Since people like different things, there is no right answer here. If you like to hike nd fly from mountains, light weight A-glider might be best. If you mostly ridge soar at beach, some robust low B-wing might be better and so on. People don't usually stay long on beginner gliders, so might be better to search for used with low hours. Unless you have lots of money, and want to sell your little used glider for half a price, when you get more efficient wing.